4 Leg-Strengthening Exercises You Can't Ignore

4 Leg-Strengthening Exercises You Can't Ignore

It's a familiar mantra by many, but it bears repeating never skip leg day!

Whilst strong biceps and a good core are important,  your legs bear the weight of your entire body, and achieving a well-balanced upper and lower body ratio is essential.

There are several legs exercise out there, but here are some of our favourite legs exercises to give you a proper lower body workout.

Squats: Squats are at the top of our list for a reason. They effectively sculpt your legs, buttocks, hips, and abs.  Be sure to master the technique with controlled movements and pausing before pushing yourself up. Once you have that mastered, you can add weight or incorporate one of our Microbands for resistance.

Leg Presses: The leg press machine may intimidate some, but with proper technique and the there's no need to fear. You can also use our Superbands for a leg press exercise, and can experiment with different band thicknesses to adjust the difficulty level and challenge yourself.

Pistol Squats: Up for a challenge? Pistol squats are among the most demanding exercises as they require serious strength, mobility, and control. Whilst we rate them with a difficulty rating of 11 out of 10, gradual progression is  also possible and once you’ve mastered them, the benefits are totally worth the effort.  For those that  have already mastered the pistol squat, which not try them on Core Dome for an extra challenge. (we might need to remove this. I cant find a Core Dome/ Bosu Ball on the website)

Bulgarian Split Squats: Mastering Bulgarian split squats can be tricky, as they demand balance and symmetry  on both sides of your body. If you find one leg more challenging due to imbalance, that's precisely why you should include this exercise. It not only addresses imbalances but also enhances core stability and hip mobility. Consider trying it with our AquacoreTM for added benefits.

Give these exercises a try, and always remember – leg day is non-negotiable! Explore how you can incorporate PTP products into your leg day routine by visiting our website. PTP


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