Discover New Workout Spots Beyond the Gym

Discover New Workout Spots Beyond the Gym

Maintaining a regular exercise routine is crucial for enhancing mood, strengthening  those muscles and joints, and reducing blood pressure. However, with our ever increasing busy schedules  and the onset of the winter chill, that keeps us indoors, finding alternative workout locations can be challenging.

However just half and hour of exercise a day, can be  a game-changer, and something all it requires is a refreshing change of scenery.

Here are four places to work out that offer  just that, along with some portable equipment suggestions.

Outdoor Bars: Explore the workout machines and bars in your local park for an invigorating outdoor exercise session. Begin with a light run or cycle to get your blood flowing, then get creative with pull-ups, tricep dips, and elevated push-ups using park equipment. Embrace the cold weather and breathe in some fresh air while enjoying a dynamic outdoor workout.

The Living/Study Room: Stuck indoors due to the cold?  Well never fear, you can transform your living or study room into a personal fitness space. Lay down a mat and then discover a variety of workouts on YouTube that cater to your preferences – whether it's a quick yoga stretch, high-intensity training, or even exercises  that you can do from your bed or desk. Remember, doing something is always better than doing nothing.

You Hotel Room: Don't let the lack of a gym in your hotel disrupt your fitness routine. Opt for a quick YouTube workout in your hotel room, or take a short cycle or run and explore your new city. For an added challenge don’t forget to pack some resistance bands and/or  Core Sliders in your suitcase. These items don’t take up much space at all in your suitcase and can enhance your workouts, making staying active while traveling a breeze.

The Beach: After your taken a scenic run along the sandy shores, why not incorporate some  sand dunes for an extra challenge. The beach is also an ideal setting for yoga – lay out a mat, breathe in the sea air, and focus on the mind-body connection. Then if you're feeling adventurous, take a refreshing swim to round off the perfect beach workout.

These are just a few examples of alternative workout locations, that will help you maintain consistency in your exercise routine. For added support, consider checking out PTP’s performance training mat and resistance bands, designed to complement your workouts in these locations. Explore these options and discover what works best for you!

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