The Significance of Mobility in Your Training and Movements

The Significance of Mobility in Your Training and Movements

Mobility is a frequently used term in the fitness world, but what exactly does it entail?

Essentially, mobility revolves around joint health – the aim is to achieve smooth, creak-free joint movement with a complete range of motion and the ultimate goal is to be able to move effortlessly in various positions throughout your daily activities.

Now, why is mobility crucial?

Enhances Flexibility: Maintaining mobility ensures flexibility, allowing you to train with a complete range of motion, to that you maximise the effectiveness of your workouts and get the most out of them.

Reduces Injury Risk: By preserving mobility, you become less susceptible to injuries. Most injuries occur when attempting movements beyond your body's comfort zone or capability, so by preserving your mobility you are reducing risk of injury.

Prevents Future Joint Issues: By consistently  focus on mobility you decrease the likelihood of developing joint problems in the future.

Now that we have hopefully convinced you that joint mobility is essential, here are a few practical ways to boost your mobility today:

Pre and Post-Workout Stretching: Warm up your body and alleviate stiffness by incorporating stretches before and after your workouts. Recall those amusing warm-ups from childhood PE or sports, such a swings those arms, lunges and touching your toes?  Well they're actually great  for mobility.

Combat Prolonged Sitting: Break the monotony of sitting for extended periods, but making an effort to stand up every 20-30 minutes for a quick stretch. You can also consider alternatives like a standing desk,  or sitting on a core ball instead of a chair. The aim is to keep moving and you will see an improvement in your mobility.

Maintain Good Posture: Ensure proper posture to prevent joints from stiffening and resulting in you hunching over. Regularly check your posture and make sure that you are not hunching over. If you feel you need some additional support, why not consider our posture brace or posture products.

In essence, small daily efforts can  yield significant improvements in mobility because, after all, mobility is all about movement! If you're interested in exploring products to aid your mobility visit our website: PTP 

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