Ankle Straps and why everyone is using them?

Ankle Straps and why everyone is using them?

In the current fitness landscape, resistance band training has gained significant popularity, with an emphasis on functional movements that both strengthen and challenge the body.

Ankle straps have become an integral piece of equipment in functional training, as well as a wide range of various pilates routines.

They are pretty straightforward to use. All you need to do is comfortably secure them to your ankles and connect them to a cable machine or PTP PowerTubes, to effectively creating your own personalised resistance training system. To intensify the challenge, you can also experiment with attaching more PowerTubes to elevate the level of resistance.

The versatility of ankle straps opens the door to a myriad of exercises, but here are four of our favourites to kickstart your routine and reap the tangible benefits of ankle straps.

Hip Abductors: Tone your legs and glutes by attaching the ankle strap to one leg at a time, at the lowest height of the cable or PowerTube. Lift the leg straight out to the side until reaching a 45-degree angle, ensuring stability throughout, and then lower it back down.

Standing Leg Extensions: Initially challenging at first but once you have mastered this movement  you’ll reap the benefits of  toned muscles. You can utilise online tutorials on YouTube for guidance, or use a mirror  to make sure you have good form.  For added stability, consider holding onto a chair or  using a wall during the exercise.

Lateral Lunges: Elevate the classic lunge by incorporating ankle straps. A wide lunge with ankle straps will challenge you to maintain your form, balance, turning a simple lunge into a power-packed move.

Hamstring Curls: Hamstrings a common point of injury, so  by including hamstring curls in your routine, you strengthen them and help prevent injury. The emphasis with this movement is to focus on slow and controlled movements, ensuring a 90-degree bend in your knee to effectively contract the hamstring.

These exercises are just an introduction to the versatility of ankle straps. If you're in search of quality ankle straps, explore the PTP Ankle Straps, designed for maximum comfort and adjustability.

Take the plunge and incorporate ankle straps into your workout routine today!

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